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HEAT Beach provides junior beach volleyball training for beginner, intermediate, and competitive players. Junior players have a blast at our beach tournaments, camps and clinics, as well as private lessons.

All of our coaches are USAV and AVP America registered and have cleared through the USAV and AVP America screening process. Our coaches have years of experience coaching and playing beach volleyball. They have completed many levels of training offered through USAV, including Impact and CAP courses. We love beach volleyball and are very excited for the opportunity to share beach volleyball with your player.

We know summertime is vacation time; time for indoor volleyball camps, and clinics. We understand summer plans and we developed our program to be flexible for volleyball families. Training sessions/tournaments are not mandatory.


Develop and perfect your skills: The thing about sand volleyball is that it forces you to perfect your game because movement in the sand is slow and unforgiving. Taking volleyball to the sand can be a challenge if you’re used to court games because you’re on an unstable surface. The sand makes it harder to get in position for plays and move around.

Great cardiovascular exercise: The wet and soft sand of volleyball courts offer resistance that develops strength-endurance as working all of the lower leg muscles, ligaments, and tendons against the resistance of the sand.  It also burns more calories and uses more energy than running on the roads, giving your cardiovascular system a better workout, so you can get the same fitness return in less time.

Helps improve hand-eye coordination: Volleyball is all about the timing. Swing too soon or too late and the ball goes on an unexpected flight path. In order to excel at the sport, you have to watch the ball all the way down to your hands so you know exactly when to swing. Combine this level of precision with the typical contortions and acrobatics, and you can expect your coordination to improve.

Improves overall agility: Athletes who want to excel on their normal court can benefit from shifting their workout onto a sand court. Sand shifts under your feet and challenges your muscles to do more to maintain stability. The result of these biomechanical differences, according to one study, is a higher heart rate and perceived exertion. Training in the sand allows your fast-twitch muscles to strengthen without extra wear and tear, which will increase your agility back on solid ground.

Increases energy: Countless studies have shown that regular physical activity is not only good for mental health but is also great at boosting energy levels.  Sand volleyball offers the same energy-boosting benefits as all other physical activity in addition to being invigorating because the workout is outdoors and extremely social.

Improves flexibility of feet and hands: Training and playing on the sand activates and strengthens the lesser worked areas, such as the ankle and foot muscles, which are not used to working, flexing, and adjusting to an uneven, shifting surface. Also, since you are barefoot during the process, it forces your entire body posture to work in it’s most natural form.

Improves strength, speed, and balance: Sand training has long been used as a low-impact method of strength training. Because the surface is constantly slightly shifting, players are always having to re-calibrate their balance, improving overall body control and stability. Sand volleyball is also great for training to improve speed, agility, serve-receive, setting, hitting, serving, blocking, situational intelligence, athleticism, vertical jumping and building explosive strength because all the muscles utilized require a greater workload to run, jump, accelerate, and change direction.




PRACTICES will begin MAY 11, 2021 on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Peace Lutheran Church, 2600 E. Danforth ROAD and ends on July 15,2021

AGES 11-14 will be from 5:00pm – 6:30pm

AGES 15-18 will be from 6:30pm – 8:30pm


14U $375

18U $400


TOURNAMENT FEES are $25-$35 per player (optional)



MAY 15TH      18U

MAY 16TH      14U – 16U

MAY 22ND      18U

MAY 23RD      14U – 16U

MAY 29TH      18U

MAY 30TH      14U – 16U

JUNE 5TH        18U

JUNE 6TH        14U-16U

JUNE 12TH      18U

JUNE 13TH      14U – 16U

JUNE 19TH      18U

JUNE 20TH      14U-16U

JUNE 26TH      18U

JUNE 27TH      14U – 16U

JULY 10TH      18U

JULY 11TH      14U -16U


There will be a link on the OKC HEAT VBC site with additional details on local tournaments to signup.

MUST HAVE AAU or AVP Membership

Location: Peace Lutheran Church
2600 E Danforth Rd, Edmond OK 73034

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for OKC HEAT VOLLEYBALL CLUB and support youth in your area.

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for OKC HEAT VOLLEYBALL CLUB and support youth in your area.